CEO Greetings

We will grow into a top-notch implant company specializing in developing advanced technologies and dreams of implants all over the world.


Our Company, Biotem Co. Ltd, has been working to improve and enhance dental implant technology for many years in order to provide the most satisfying product for both patients and dentists.

With this accumulated experience, our technical know-how has reached a very high level. We have gained international certificates such as ISO 13485, CE together with KGMP, and we have stepped into the world-wide market.

Currently, Korea’s standard of dental implant technology is one of the best, most advanced in the world. Patients are now seeking a more advanced implant service. Therefore, to meet the patient’s high expectations, dentists and implant companies have been trying to increase their technological standards.

For this reason, Biotem has also developed a new technology, called Bio-Dental Implant System, and soon we can start the mass production process. Biotem implant products – “Dentists can operate more safely and easily and patients can be satisfied with full credibility.” We will make every effort to become an excellent world-leading implant company that will keep developing innovative technology in order to improve the lives of people around world.

Sincerely Yours