임플란트 수술시 부족한 수직골 증대에 특화된 형태인 Abutment

Main Features

  • Specialized tenting abutment for simple 3D ridge augmentation
  • Curtailing edentulous healing period
  • Curtailing the number of surgeries and postop complications
  • No bone-harvest requisites from other sites
  • Maintaining bone graft over implant platform
  • Relieving pressure on bone graft under soft tissue
  • Anti-infection effect stimulates soft tissue healing, preventing screw loosening
T/D C ø 5.0 ø 6.0
0.4mm 1 S105 S106
2 S205 S206
3 S305 S306
3mm 3 S335 S336

Clinical Case1

*2 years, postop radiography

Clinical Case2

Clinical Case3

*One year, postop radiography

Clinical Case4

Clinical Case5

Clinical Case6